Joboshare Video Converter

Joboshare Video Converter

It is designed for converting between various video and audio file formats
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Joboshare Video Converter not only re-encodes nearly any video into the most popular codecs, but it also converts audio files between formats and extracts the audio stream of your supported video files. The program can perform all of these tasks at once in one single conversion process, allowing you to apply a different profile to each media file on the conversion list.

This is precisely the kind of flexibility and versatility that one expects from media conversion tools, except that it rarely happens. The way Joboshare’s video conversion utility has been designed, you will only need one single conversion process to perform any combination of conversion and audio extraction tasks. You can build your conversion list with a mixture of video and audio files – in any of the supported formats – and assign a completely different task and profile to each of them. The program will go through each of these tasks sequentially, storing the corresponding output file in the designated folder.

The program comes with an extensive range of device-based output profiles. Each of these profiles (or “classes”) will open an even larger list of presets, from where you can choose the one that better fits your needs. However, you also have the possibility of customizing the conversion output further by tweaking some of the video and audio settings in the profile. Regardless of how you configure and customize your conversion tasks, Joboshare Video Converter will perform all of them in a fast and reliable way, always delivering just the level of output quality you requested.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Device-based profiles.
  • Batch video conversion and audio extraction supported.
  • Clear and well-structured interface.
  • Supports all well-known video and audio codecs.
  • Allows you to apply a different output profile to each item on the conversion list.


  • No video editing functionality available.
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